How much is the deposit

£350 secures the day and the balance is payable by one month before your wedding day. If you don’t already have a quote, ask for one, this gives you full details of payment and contract

I've heard horror stories about wedding suppliers !

Me too !

Rest assured we have been filming wedding for nearly 15 years. You have almost certainly been recommenced to us by a friend or another supplier. When you book us to film your wedding, we never sub contract to another company and its always  our creative director Andrew who films your wedding. We are not the cheapest around and charge enough to cover insurance costs, equipment investment and maintenance as well as training. If you find someone cheaper then they almost certainly missing something.

I'm not sure the difference between a documentary edit or film edit ?

Firstly there is a price difference, the Film edit takes us longer to edit.

The Film edit (sometimes called cinematic style edit) is a short form story of your day normally around 20-25 minutes, if you watch one of our highlight clips you will see the style there. We use music, narrative (your vows, speeches etc) and visuals to really show the essence of your wedding day. Each edit is different to reflect your wedding, your speeches and you both. Film edits come with a separate full edit of the ceremony and speeches.

A documentary edit is exactly as the title suggests, your day, the best bits start to finish with an edit length of 45-90 minutes depending the length of your ceremony and speeches. Music over the non-ceremony and non-speeches part of the day.


One style is not better than the other, just different. You don’t get more footage with the doc edit generally. Which would you watch most often ?

Amazing films from ARM

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